One panoramic view after another will unfold, Installation view, Belmonte gallery, Madrid, 2024

One panoramic view after another will unfold, Installation view, Belmonte gallery, Madrid, 2024, 2024

'We should keep going part 1&2' Acrylic on hessian, 200 x 220cm, 2024. Included in 'Double take' a group show curated by Lawrence Van Hagen & Lucas Mill , 2024

Installation view of Cylinder’s booth at ART OnO, Gangnam, Seoul, Courtesy Cylinder and ART OnO 2024.

Panoramic Deep Love Story, Acrlyic on Hessian, 40 x 120 cm 2024

Too Fragile to Walk on Arcylic on Hessian 40 x 120cm 2024

As the sun kissed the horizon, Acrylic on hessian, 40 x 120cm, 2024

'For Listening R' Graphite on paper Framed 58 x 82cm 2023

Parcel Tokyo, Installation View, 2023

Your always with me, U.V Print On Valcromatt, 34 x 74cm 2023

'A sea of' U.V Print On Valcromatt 34 x 74cm 2023

'Admit It’s Killing You' U.V Print On Valcromatt 34 x 74cm 2023

Record Sleeve For Pmxper (Buttechno & Perila ) 2023

Record Sleeve for Mu tate- They’re with you always, Artwork & Design by Lucas Dupuy and Art Crime, 3XL, Utter 2023

Installation view, Tick Tack , Antwerp , 2023

'Formless Anxiety' 148x240mm, 264 pages⁣ - 80gsm Uncoated Holmen Book Cream Inner Pages⁣ - 300gsm Munken Pure Cover with Orange Foil⁣ - Printed black and PMS 8022 throughout⁣ - Section Sewn⁣ - Essay by Charlie Mills - Edition of 350 copies

CNC Valchromat Slipcase - 160x260x40mm - Edition of 10 - Signed and Numbered

Endless Amb Gouache on Canvas with Obeche Frame 103 x 63 cm 2023

AMB Gouache on canvas 31 x 110cm 2022

'Another Time' Plywood & OSB 210 x 240 x 20cm 2022

'WinterSolstice' Valcromatt 30 x 60cm 2022

'Atami seashore instrumental' Gouache on Paper, canvas and linen, 90cm x 480cm 2022

'Equinox' Gouache on canvas 30 x 82cm 2022

Seashore,Gouache on canvas with obeche frame 45 × 169 cm 2022

Final Hot Desert, Lucas Dupuy & Louis Morlæ, United Kingdom, Curated by Ben Sang, 2022

'Melancholy Dub' Gouache on canvas 30cm x 100cm 2022

'Support Surface' Ink on paper with walnut frame 40 x 50cm 2022

U, Wood, pva, sand, Gouache, 140 x 20 x 65cm 2022

'Unison' Gouache and Inkjet on canvas 440 x 110cm 2022

'Falling' Goauche on canvas 160 x 60 cm 2021

'Thought anxiety' Sand, Pva, Beeswax and wood, 80 x 80 x 20cm 2021

'Soundof' Gouache on paper and wood 140 x 200cm 2021

'Forest' Gouache on canvas with wooden frame 45 × 60 cm

‘A for‘ Gouache Inkjet and Paper on canvas with wood frame 100 x 80 cm 2021

'Untilted tree 3' Gouache on paper 30 x 50 cm 2021

'Untilted tree 4' Gouache on paper 45 x 65 cm 2021

‘Useless movement (Useless dub)’ Gouache and Inkjet on canvas, 60 x 85cm 2021

‘Petal Patch’ Gouache on canvas 60 x 85cm 2021

‘51°30’22.4”N 0°05’17.0”W’ Gouache and Inkjet on canvas 60 x 85cm 2021

Admit It’s Killing You (And Leave) [Sprinkles’ Dead End]’ 60 x 85cm Gouache and Inkjet on canvas 60 x 85cm 2021

Xylem Gouache on canvas 59.5 x 84.5 2021

Forest and Thought, Wood, 200cm x 150cm x 80cm , 2021

'May' Gouache Jesmonite Neutral Pva Paper Ink on canvas 60cm x 45cm 2021

'72hrs by rail' Gouache Jesmonite Neutral Pva Paper Ink on canvas 60cm x 45cm 2021

Installation view at Collecticve Ending HQ 'South Circular' Wood sand Pva Resin and Gouache 140 cm x 75cm x 200 cm 2021

'Formless discipline' Gouache inkjet and paper on canvas 140cm x 200cm 2021

Installation view with Castor 2021

‘MirrorOf ’ Wood, Greyboard, Resin, Inkjet on paper, 124cm x 188cm 23cm 2021

Installation view with Castor 2021

‘Talking to Some Imaginary Person’ Gouache, Paper, Inkjet on canvas 40cm x 50cm 2021

‘The sudden rush’ Gouache, Paper, Inkjet on canvas 51cm x 61cm 2021

‘Lichen from Albo’ 3D Print in resin 11cm x 8cm 2021

‘2 A.M. On A Silo’ Gouache, Paper, Inkjet on canvas 280 x 100cm 2021

Headgap, 110 x 320 cm , Inkjet, Goauche and paper on canvas , 2020

Ai, Gouache and inkjet on paper and canvas , 55 x 45 cm , 2020

An observation of buildings, coastlines and objects. Photographs and drawings from Japan and England, 2017-20 240x335mm, 44pp Printed Black and PMS Silver throughout Fedrigoni Sirio Cover, 270gsm 150 Copies, signed and numbered Published by Lichen books 2020 Available via

Article in émergent Magazine Issue 6, 2020

Installtion view WIth BIEN, Lucas Dupuy, Out of museum(Makoto Kobayashi) OIL by 美術手帖ギャラリーで開催の「PARALLEL ARCHEOLOGY」展(2020/7/7-7/7)で発表された作2020

When i leave , Gouache on canvas and paper , 50 x 60cm , 2020

Klappen II' & 'Goodbye jo [original live mixdown], 2020

For you, Gouache on paper, 110 x 72cm x 4 , 2020

, 2020

'Klappen II' Wood, ink and paper, 200 x 80 x 60cm 2020, 2020

Levitera Wood, Paper and Graphite 240 x 200 x 70 cm 2020, Wood, Paper and Graphite, 240 x 200 x 70 cm , 2020

Artwork for 'Ju ca uneven specks of dust that which we cannot ever expect to see' Released on Daisart records 2020

Winds over Neo Tokyo & Shohmyoh, Gouache on canvas, 120 x 170cm, 2019

Kläppen I, Wood, Paper and Graphite, 250 x 100 x 150 cm , 2020

Installation view at Choi & Lager Gallery, Cologne, 2019

Drawings , 2020

Installation view at Senesi Contemporanea from left-right w32.deadcode.a, Gouache on canavs,160 x 100cm, Sounds Of, Paper mounted on wood
,84 x 150 x 35cm, Wordsontop, Gouache on wood,80 x 100cm, Fork Rave,
 Gouache and paper on canvas, 240 x 170cm, 2019

Book with Foolscap Editions, 80 pages,4 Colour Process Offset Litho plus 2 Spot Colours (Bronze + Cool Grey), ISBN : 978-1-9997990-3-8, Edition of 350, Published 1st Edition September 2019

Various works on paper 110cm x 72cm Gouache on paper 2019

'goodbye jo [original live mixdown]' Greyboard & Paper mounted on wood, 170 x 20 x 75cm 2020

Various works on paper 110cm x 72cm Gouache on paper 2020

April-June trax Gouache and Ink on Somerset newsprint Japanese linen bound hardback cover with wood sleeve. Edition of 1 35 x 43cm 153 pages 2019

Wall painting Tokyo, Japan 2019

Album artwork for Quirke 'Steal A Golden Hail', presented within deconstructed sleeve packaging. Each includes a unique airbrush edition, the product of a collaborative performance between Myself and Alex McCullough. Fastened by a plastic bolt through the centre.

Hopp och Lek pt2 Collaborative project with Amanda Mostrom Blockhouse Tokyo 2019

Hamamatsu Japan 2018 with sidecore tokyo, 2018

, 2018

‘Incunable’ Debossed cover (with foil spine) 76 pages Text by William Gustaffson Printed 1/1 on 140gsm Cyclus Offset Run of 200, 2018

Installation View at Union gallery london 2018

Installation view at Von Goetz, Brixton, (with Mike Ballard), various dimensions, 2018

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